Changes made to the Parrsboro Sewer Rate

Municipal Council reviewed a report from staff regarding public concerns over the Parrsboro Sewer Rate at their regular meeting tonight.


Council has decided to amend the sewer rate in the community of Parrsboro with the following course of action:

1. Base Parrsboro’s per unit sewer charge calculation on previous year's budget, resulting in the deferral of approximately $357,000;
2. Assess properties in the existing service area at the same unit value as the previous year;
3. Assess unit values to properties with buildings in expanded service area only if hooked-up at time of billing;
4. Revise Parrsboro 2019/20 per unit sewer charge from $957 to $575;
5. Continue to charge a flat rate of $50 for vacant land and buildings not connected in the existing and new service areas;
6. Request financial assistance from Municipal Affairs re: debt costs resulting from market value increase of construction over original budget;
7. Develop a capital funding policy to identify how future infrastructure projects are to be funded;
8. Develop a communications and public engagement strategy for future infrastructure projects;
9. Develop one by-law for all county owned sewer systems;
10. Reassess all sewer system service areas based on revised by-law; and
11. Advise property owners in writing of their sewer assessment, appeal process by December 31st, 2019.

“We recognize that our decision making in the budgeting process has caused concern in the community of Parrsboro. It is our sincere hope as a council that the changes and steps forward identified tonight will make for a more equitable solution, not just in Parrsboro, but as we move forward as a municipality,” remarked Warden Al Gillis.