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County approves plan to collect brush and wood left by Fiona

The Municipality of Cumberland has approved a plan that will see the collection of brush and wood left on people’s property following post-tropical storm Fiona in September.

Part of the municipality’s support to the community in response to Fiona was to provide locations for residents to dispose of brush and wood from their yards and these sites have been used since the post-tropical storm hit the area on Sept. 23 and 24.

Support has also been provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables and the Canadian Armed Forces to cut and move trees that were obstructing residents’ enjoyment of their properties. However, this program did not remove wood and brush from the properties.

There may be residents without the means or capacity to transport brush or wood from their yards. To support these residents, the county is proposing to offer a request-driven program to remove wood and brush with requests being handled by the municipality’s front counter and Public Works staff would coordinate an organized response to these requests.

To offer the program, two Public Works staff, two passenger trucks, a dump trailer and a rented woodchipper would be required for one to three weeks. Wood and brush would have to be in an area that can safely be accessed by staff and must be cut to a size that can be easily handled by staff before they arrive.

Municipal staff will not be operating chainsaws to cut fallen trees to suitable size and heavy equipment will not be available to support this initiative.

Debris collected will be disposed of at the county’s construction and demolition transfer stations or other suitable municipal property.

Wood chips and salvage will be placed in mixed piles at the Pugwash transfer station, the McGee Street property in Springhill and the Swan Creek Landfill site in Parrsboro.

Materials at these locations will be available to the public, but the cutting of wood and brush by the public will not be permitted at these sites.

It will be funded from this year’s surplus.