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County begins registration for tree-cutting services

Armed Forces and Natural Resources and Renewables personnel are in the Cumberland Region providing assistance with storm-related tree cutting.

The Municipality is providing a registration process for access to this service.

This registration information will be passed to the Provincial Coordination Centre daily. The requests for service will then be tasked to the crews on the ground by the Provincial Coordination Centre.

Armed Forces and Natural Resources and Renewables personnel will only deal with trees that are impacting accessibility and enjoyment of property. They are not permitted to work on trees that are touching homes or buildings due to liability issues. This service will not include the removal of brush and trees

Anyone in the Cumberland Region needing assistance with thee cutting from the Canadian Armed Forces or Natural Resources and Renewables is asked to call the Upper Nappan Service Centre at 902-667-2313 during business hours and give their name, address, phone number and nature of their problem.