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County invests in Parrsboro infrastructure projects

Workers with Eastern Fence Erectors line up a new guardrail being installed on Two Islands Road in Parrsboro. Darrell Cole – Municipality of Cumberland

The Municipality of Cumberland is finishing a project that will maintain a vital communication and transportation link for Parrsboro and area residents.

Work is wrapping up on a large project that has seen the replacement of 11 culverts on the Whitehall Road.

“Whitehall Road is the only way out for the residents in that area of Parrsboro, so if the road were ever washed out or overtopped with water during a storm they would lose access and it would impact emergency services’ ability to respond to calls there,” Cumberland County’s director of Engineering and Operations Justin Waugh-Cress said. “The other thing is the culverts we have put in there are sized appropriately for what is a changing environment that includes greater risk of larger storm events.”

The culverts that are being replaced are approximately 40 years old and at the end of their useful life.

Waugh-Cress said there has been an increased risk of the culverts washing out because of their age and effectiveness.Their replacement was determined as a priority by the municipality and the project was included in the 2022-23 capital budget.

“When we did some engineering work there we found the culverts that were there to be undersized to handle storm water events,” Waugh-Cress said.

The design for the 12 culverts was completed in 2021 and Culvert 6 was replaced last year.

The culverts are being replaced with HDPE pipe, except Culvert 8, which will be concrete.

The Miller Group of Companies (Cumberland Paving & Contracting) was awarded the tender in June.

The project had a budget of $650,000 but the bids came in over budget. Provisional paving elements were removed from the project and included in the capital paving tender.

Waugh-Cress said the project is a significant one for Parrsboro amid rising costs for supplies and labour. He’s happy to see it coming to fruition because it fills an important need in that area of the county.

It’s one of several projects in the Parrsboro area being completed this year, including capital paving throughout the community as well as the replacement of guardrails on the Two Islands Road.

Eastern Fence Erectors was awarded the tender back in July for $29,600 plus HST.

The guardrail project includes replacing two sections of flexible steel guardrail on timber posts, about 200 metres and 20 metres long along the west side of Two Islands Road.

Waugh-Cress said many of the timber posts are rotted and a few have erosion around the surrounding ground due to high tides flowing across the road making the guardrail, which is approximately 40 years old, unlikely to function as intended.