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Cumberland awards Springhill, Parrsboro paving contracts

The Municipality of Cumberland has awarded a contract to Costin Paving and Contracting Limit to pave a number of streets in both Parrsboro and Springhill.

The value of the contract is just under $1.1 million.Paving in Parrsboro includes ($455,225):Eastern Avenue from Templar Street to about 3949 Eastern Ave.Mill Street from about 87 Mill St. to end of 2021 paving.

Smith Avenue from Main Street to west end of right of way.Two Islands Road from Skidmore Lane to Hawks Road.Infill paving in areas where previous repairs were conducted and left as flush gravel surfaces including about 500 square metres on Whitehall Road, 21 square metres on Upper Main Street, 45 square metres on Pier Road and 17 square metres on Howard Lane.

Paving in Springhill includes ($659,529): Black River Road from Herrett Road to 81 Black River Rd.Howard Avenue from Maple Street to north end.Mechanic Street from Crossin Street to Purdy Street.Smith Avenue from McDougal Street to McFarlane Street.Terris Street from McGee Street to Herrett Road.