Election 2020

Residents of the Municipality of Cumberland have elected Murray Scott as the very first Mayor for the rural municipality. Eight council seats were also filled by this municipal election.
The results are the following with the elected name bolded (votes in brackets):


Jason Blanch (1640)

Murray Scott (6214)

District 1

Kurt Fawthrop (111)

Fred Gould (663)

David March (277)

District 2

Jillian Foster (219)

Rod Gilroy (690)

District 3

Jennifer Houghtaling (acclamation)

District 4

Barbara Palmer (344)

Kathy Redmond (374)

District 5

Richard “Rick” James (486)

Angela “Angel” McCormick (561)

District 6

Mark Joseph (603)

Douglas Williams (470)

District 7

Ernest “Eddie” Gilbert (390)

Dale Porter (601)

District 8

Arthur “Art” Brown (71)

Carrie Goodwin (622)

Lloyd Smith (412)

Marchel Strong (151)

Kenneth “Ken” Wood (103)

Voter turnout was at 50.2 %. This election was the first where alternative voting methods were used. Of the 7900 people who voted, 6940 used an alternative voting method and 960 used a manual method.
“I am pleased to see that we had such a large slate of candidates. Democracy is alive and well in the municipality,” said Returning Officer and CAO Rennie Bugley. “I also wish to thank everyone who put their name forward in this election. To be a candidate takes courage and a commitment to one’s community. I am looking forward to working with this new courageous and community minded council.”