LED Streetlight Installation Schedule Released

The Municipality of Cumberland has released the tentative schedule for the installation of LED streetlights across the municipality. This project was approved in the 2020/2021 Capital Budget.

The switch from high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures to LED fixtures was a direct result of provincial legislation regarding energy-efficient appliances regulations by 2022. Staff from the Cumberland Energy Authority championed the project on behalf of the Municipality of Cumberland.

“The switch from the old high pressure sodium light fixtures to new LED light fixtures will make a positive impact on the Municipality’s greenhouse gas emissions moving forward,” stated Ray Hickey, Executive Director of the Cumberland Energy Authority. “We are creating a sustainable future for our communities in this switchover.”

LED fixtures are long-lasting fixtures and reduce CO2 emissions by using less energy. The long-lasting nature of the fixtures is also expected to reduce maintenance costs for the municipality.

A copy of the tentative installation can be found here.