Mayor Scott concerned with reduction at All Saints Hospital

In light of an announcement by the Nova Scotia Health Authority on September 17, 2021 to temporarily reduce hours at the Collaborative Emergency Centre at All Saints Hospital, Municipality of Cumberland Mayor Murray Scott has expressed concern on behalf the residents.

“While I certainly understand the need to ensure that resources are available for the Regional Emergency Department and ICU in Upper Nappan, I am very concerned with the impact the closure will have on All Saints, particularly given the high proportion of seniors in our communities,” Mayor Scott said. “As well I am questioning what options have been explored before the decision was thrust upon us by the Nova Scotia Health Authority.”

Mayor Scott has written to the Minister of Health and Wellness, Michelle Thompson to express concerns on behalf of residents.

Cumberland South MLA Tory Rushton and Scott have met with the Minister of Health and Wellness, Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness, Acting CEO of NSHA, to discuss concerns for staffing at All Saints in Springhill.