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Mayor Scott speaks to NS Power, minister Rushton

On Tuesday, Cumberland County Mayor Murray Scott, Natural Resources and Renewables Minister Tory Rushton and Cumberland REMO officials met with senior officials with Nova Scotia Power to discuss concerns expressed Monday by the mayor regarding power restoration in Cumberland County.

Nova Scotia Power officials provided a briefing on power restoration efforts in the region. They advised that approximately 350 customers remain without power in Cumberland and that the restorations that remain are complex, sometimes requiring several crews to restore a single service.

Because of the complexity of some of the repairs needed, customers in the northeast region including Antigonish, Pictou, Colchester and Cumberland have seen their estimated times move into the weekend. These customers will be receiving a call directly from Nova Scotia Customer Care to talk about the situation. These calls started Tuesday.

The objective of these calls is to check in and provide support in collaboration with the provincial emergency management office as they work to restore their power.

As noted, Nova Scotia Power officials advised that many of the remaining customers in the northeast are single-customer outages – meaning they need to do significant repairs and restore power at a single site to turn on one customer. This includes customers with broken meter masts on their homes which requires a certified electrician to make repairs before power can be restored.

Because customers are having a difficult time getting a certified election to come to their home, due to the number of broken meter masts in the area, NS Power will be bringing in additional certified electricians from the Halifax region to assist certified electricians on the ground in the Cumberland region, and elsewhere in the northeast, to make repairs to meter masts so service can be restored as quickly as possible.

Nova Scotia Power chief operating officer Dave Pickles is coming to Cumberland County Wednesday to meet with Mayor Scott and REMO officials to continue the conversation.Mayor Scott expressed his gratitude to Nova Scotia Power for their quick response to his requests and reminded them that people in Cumberland are hurting and that it’s critical that power be restored to all areas of Cumberland County as soon as possible.