Pride flag raised in the Municipality of Cumberland

The Municipality of Cumberland in partnership with Cumberland Pride held an official flag raising ceremony to celebrate Pride Week in the Cumberland region. This is the first time such a ceremony has been held to raise a special interest flag in the municipality.

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Parrsboro Sewer Rate

Last year construction was completed for the expansion of the Parrsboro sewage collection system and new sewage treatment plant. The total cost of this project was $12.675 million dollars. Sixty-five percent of the total cost was paid for by Provincial and Federal Grants, leaving $4.4 million to be paid for by the residents in the service area. This amount was borrowed in the fall of 2018 and will be recovered from the residents in the service area over the next 20 years.

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Media Release - Pugwash Water System – Water now flowing

Residents of the Village of Pugwash and surrounding areas are now able to connect to the Residents of the Village of Pugwash and surrounding areas are now able to connect to the Pugwash Water Supply.

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2019-2020 Budget Approved by Council

The Municipality of the County of Cumberland has approved its 2019/2020 operations budget in the amount of $30.41 million and its 2019/2020 capital budget in the amount of $7.6 million. Council’s approved 5 Year Capital Investment Plan totals approximately $16.4 million.

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Pugwash Water System Update - May 8, 2019

In our last update we advised that during the commissioning process operators had become concerned with the reliability of the chlorine injection system and that a replacement chlorine skid was ordered, under warranty, by the supplier.  This equipment has arrived, is installed and has been commissioned.

You may have noticed municipal employees around the village in the last few days as flushing the lines of the water system has been taking place.  Due to the flushing, you may notice water on your lawns, driveways, etc. The flushing is one of the last steps prior to taking the water system LIVE!

The next update you receive will contain information and instructions regarding connecting to the water system! 

Our staff and contractors want to thank all the residents for their patience as they worked toward the completion of providing safe, potable water to the residents of Pugwash and surrounding areas.

Phone and Internet at Springhill Service Centre

Phone and internet services have been restored.

Thank you to all for your patience and cooperation as we worked through our technical issues. 

May - Lyme Disease Awareness Month

At a council meeting on May 1, Warden Al Gillis proclaimed May 2019 as “Lyme Disease Awareness Month”.

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National Day of Mourning

Sunday, April 28th is the National Day of Mourning to honour those who have died, were injured or became ill at work. The Municipality of Cumberland encourages you to join the rest of Canada and more than 80 countries worldwide in renewing a commitment to improve health and safety in the workplace.

The flags at all three Service Centres will be flown at half-mast in honour of those who died, were injured or became ill at work for the duration of this weekend.