Parrsboro Sewer Rate

Last year construction was completed for the expansion of the Parrsboro sewage collection system and new sewage treatment plant. The total cost of this project was $12.675 million dollars. Sixty-five percent of the total cost was paid for by Provincial and Federal Grants, leaving $4.4 million to be paid for by the residents in the service area. This amount was borrowed in the fall of 2018 and will be recovered from the residents in the service area over the next 20 years.


This year the sewer rate for the Parrsboro sewage collection and treatment system has increased from $300 per unit to $957 per unit. This increase was required to cover the additional operating cost of the treatment facility as well as to cover the annual debt payments. 

Every property fronting the sewage collection system in Parrsboro, regardless of if they are connected, is assessed a sewer charge, as per the existing bylaw.

If you feel you have been assessed incorrectly regarding unit charges, please use the following form:

Sewer Unit Appeal Form 2019

Sewer Unit Appeal Form 2019 (fillable PDF)