Pugwash Central Water Supply Update

In our last update, we discussed issues identified during commissioning which were malfunctioning equipment, an aeration issue (too much air in the water causing a milky colour) and other minor items.


We had advised that new air release valves were on order and that these valves will expand the system’s capacity to release trapped air. The new valves were delivered this week and are being installed. Once installation is complete, we will follow a process to reduce the dissolved oxygen in the water to achieve our best possible aesthetic product.

During the commissioning process operators have become concerned with the reliability of the chlorine injection system and we advised that we had provided the supplier a deadline for a final solution. The supplier has issued a purchase order for a replacement chlorination system and we are awaiting the delivery date. This will be done under the warranty for the equipment.

The other minor operational items have progressed to the satisfaction of staff and contractors.

The next planned update regarding the status of the Pugwash Water System is following the meeting with the contractors and project management group will take place on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.