Pugwash Central Water Supply Update - March 13, 2019

In our last update we advised that during the commissioning process operators had become concerned with the reliability of the chlorine injection system and we advised that we had provided the supplier a
deadline for a final solution. The chlorine skid equipment is ordered and we are awaiting delivery.


Plant operators are now implementing procedures from our process supplier to reduce the amount of air injected into the system. The operators and process supplier are attempting to balance the needs of
the treatment process and the aesthetic objective of reducing bubbles in the water.

The Municipality regularly tests the water quality with our own lab equipment and at third party laboratories. We had advised that the water is meeting and surpassing the standards set out in the
drinking water guidelines and we have attached analysis of our most recent, raw and treated water which was completed by Maxxam Analytics. The columns labeled MAC and AO are based on the
Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, Health Canada Feb 2017. Health Canada does not publish guidelines for all criteria measured. For more information on these guidelines please click here

The next planned update regarding the status of the Pugwash Water System is following the meeting with the contractors and project management group that will take place on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.