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Rennie Bugley, Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer is the senior staff person and the head of the administrative branch of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland. The CAO reports to Council.

The CAO is accountable to Council and is responsible for providing leadership in the development and administration of all programs, by-laws, policies, and other initiatives approved by Council.

The CAO is supported by four staff positions:

  • Communications Officer & Executive Assistant to the CAO & Council
  • Municipal Clerk & Records Manager
  • Strategic Research & Community Engagement Officer

The Municipality has identified six strategic priorities:

  • Citizen Engagement
  • Depopulation and Aging Demographics
  • Citizen Health & Well-Being
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Climate Change Adaptation

The Municipality has developed a number of strategic plans and reports which focus on the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the Municipality. Below, please find the list of strategic plans and reports developed by the Municipality:



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pdf 2018 Full Organizational Chart January 2019 ( pdf, 149 KB )
pdf Citizen Engagement and Public Relations Strategic Plan ( pdf, 224 KB )
pdf Climate Change Adaptation Plan ( pdf, 559 KB )
pdf Community Economic Development Strategy September 2014 ( pdf, 749 KB )
pdf Consolidated Municipal Planning Strategy ( pdf, 11.97 MB )
pdf Cumberland Wind Energy Plan ( pdf, 1.12 MB )
pdf Fire Protection Services Strategic Plan ( pdf, 1.81 MB )
pdf Integrated Community Sustainability Plan ( pdf, 807 KB )
pdf Organization Chart ( pdf, 149 KB )
pdf Pugwash & Area Master Plan ( pdf, 2.30 MB )
pdf Pugwash Strategic Action Plan ( pdf, 237 KB )
pdf Pugwash Waterfront Improvement Concept ( pdf, 1.30 MB )
pdf Recreation & Physical Activity Strategic Plan ( pdf, 534 KB )
pdf Springhill Physical Activity Strategy ( pdf, 1.00 MB )