Review of April 7, 2021 Public Council Meeting

Council of the Municipality of Cumberland met via zoom for a Public Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. The meeting opened with a territorial acknowledgement.


A public hearing was held regarding a request for a development agreement at 14 Chambers Boulevard, Parrsboro. Council previously gave notice of intention to enter the agreement at the February 17, 2021 meeting. A second reading of the development agreement will take place April 21, 2021.

Council reviewed and approved the proposed Organizational Communications and Public Relations Plan as provided by the communications committee. This plan will enable the municipality to improve upon communication practices, both internally and externally.

A draft budget for the Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority (CJSMA) was presented for council’s consideration. The CJSMA must have feedback from all municipal partners prior to passing their yearly budget.

At the December 16, 2020 Council session Council approved a temporary borrowing resolution in the amount of $482,309 on behalf of Sunset Industries Inc. This borrowing will be through the Municipal Finance Corporation. Council approved pre-approval on the borrowing, subject to interest rate resolution.

First reading was given to a public highway signage by-law and to an amendment to the land use by-law for a rezoning. A public hearing for the public highway signage by-law will be held May 5, 2021 while a public hearing for the land use by-law amendment will take place May 19, 2021.

With the addition of committee of the whole meetings, the council meetings and proceedings policy required an update. Council gave notice to consider the policy for adoption at the next regular public council meeting which will be April 21, 2021.

Gregory Nix was formally approved as the municipality’s volunteer representative for the 47th annual provincial volunteer recognition ceremony. Nix has been a champion of all things outdoors; guiding many groups in outdoor activities, teaching youth outdoor skills, and trail maintenance. The knowledge he has shared throughout the municipality and province had made an everlasting positive impact. Nix is also involved in numerous associations, including Friends of the Pugwash Estuary, Cumberland Trails, Pugwash Search & Rescue, Nova Scotia Trails Federations, Nova Scotia Trails Fundy Region Representative, Wentworth, Wallace, Pugwash and Area Health Board, Route 6 Snowmobile Club, Oxford & Area Trails Association, Cumberland Tourism Advisory Committee and Hike NS.

Revitalization of Springhill Baseball Field#2 was a project approved in the 2020/2021 capital budget. Due to staff turnover, capacity of the contracted company and the impacts of the global pandemic the project was not completed. Council agreed to consider the project in the 2021/2022 capital budget planning in the amount of $23,400.

Council approved plans for summer recreation programming, including the recruitment of 23 summer positions. Traditionally these positions are funded in partnership with federal programs and the staff provide the capacity to run summer day camp programs and events and provide maintenance support over the summer months.

In response to the current rodent infestation in the community of Springhill council instructed staff to work with a professional exterminator to set traps in areas with rodent infestations and directed staff to work with the solid waste collection contractor to provide an opportunity for residents in the community of Springhill to dispose of excessive garbage that is properly bagged and sorted. After this opportunity to dispose of excessive garbage is provided, by-law enforcement officers will issue clean-up orders, as necessary. A communications plan will be created and implemented as part of this work. Local councillors will collaborate with community groups to conduct a litter pick up in the community of Springhill. Finally, council committed to creating a policy with respect to rodent control so that future concerns of this nature are handled in a fair and consistent manner.

The next public council meeting will be April 21, 2021 at 6 p.m. A committee of the whole meeting will be held April 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. Formal minutes of the April 7 meeting will be available within 24 hours of the meeting. A Facebook live recording is available on the municipal Facebook page: