Review of September 22, 2021 Public Council Meeting

Council of the Municipality of Cumberland met via zoom for a Public Council Meeting on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The meeting opened with a territorial acknowledgement.

Four public hearings were held regarding dangerous and unsightly properties. Each of the properties was ordered to have all structures and debris removed and disposed of in an appropriate facility by October 22, 2021. The properties were 3086 Highway 302 Maccan, 541 Wentworth Collingwood Road, 4497 Barronsfield Road Barronsfield, and 1413 Murray Road Pugwash.

Council received a staff report regarding the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Climate Change public consultation of the Coastal Protection Act. The staff report detailed the ways in which the municipal land use by-law has already been amended to account for coastal protection measures. Staff were directed to forward their report to the Department of Environment and Climate Change.

Council approved a memorandum of understanding with the Town of Amherst regarding a West Amherst sanitary sewer. This will create the possibility for defined residential properties in West Amherst to connect to the Town of Amherst sanitary sewer system.

Council approved a second memorandum of understanding with the Town of Amherst and Town of Oxford, this time regarding solid waste education and enforcement. This MOU will be important to continuing the public facing education and enforcement activities once the Cumberland Central Landfill sale has closed.

The second reading was heard to an amendment to the land use by-law pertaining to a rezoning request for 556 Valley Road in Westchester. Frist reading of this amendment was July 14, 2021. Second reading is scheduled for September 22, 2021.

Council adopted an update to the personnel policy, adding the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a recognized holiday. Council also formally adopted the addition of Nova Scotia Heritage Day. Municipal offices will be closed on September 30 in recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Second reading was given to the solid waste by-law with a set of amendments pertaining to exporting solid waste outside of the municipality and an administrative update to remove reference to a non-existent policy on disposal fees. A first reading on this by-law occurred on July 27, 2021.

Council awarded $3,000 to the Parrsboro Band Association in the form of an operational grant. Council also approved a regional operations grant of $3,000 to the Wallace Area Community Centre.

Mayor Scott declared the week of September 20 – 26, 2021 as Rail Safety Week. This is to support CN with their ongoing efforts to raise awareness, safe lives and prevent injuries in our communities.

Mayor Scott updated council on his actions upon learning of a reduction of services at All Saints Hospital on September 17, 2021. A press release on this topic can be found here.

Council discussed concerns from the citizens of Pugwash regarding community safety sue to traffic issues. The CAO has passed these concerns along to the staff sergeant of the Cumberland District of the RCMP. The staff sergeant has responded with assurances that the concerns will be addressed.

The next public council meeting will be October 27, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. A committee of the whole meeting will be held October 20, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. Formal minutes of the September 22nd meeting will be available at within 24 hours of the meeting. A Facebook live recording is available on the municipal Facebook page: