Shinimicas Vol Fire Department on the way back from fire

Municipal Council approved two major tenders this week to support the Shinimicas Volunteer Fire Department in rebuilding and reinstating their fleet following a major fire in April 2020.

“The award of this tender allows us to support the Shinimicas Volunteer Fire Department so that they can continue to keep residents of the area safe and I’m very happy to be part of this decision,” stated District 3 Councillor Rod Gilroy. “Rebuilding and outfitting the fleet is exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing members back at their station once the build is complete.”

The tender to replace the building was approved at a regular council meeting June 2, 2021. The new building will have a total square footage of 5668 sqft and contain 4 truck bays, a training/ meeting area and be a typical wood frame construction. 

Shin. vol fire dept drawing

“The officers and firefighters of the Shinimicas District Fire Department are very pleased to have reached this significant milestone in our rebuilding process. We are grateful for the support of the communities we serve and the wider firefighting community. We are especially grateful the Bridgewater and Hantsport Fire Departments who have loaned us apparatus,” said Fire Chief Jesse Brine.

The tender to outfit a fleet of vehicles was approved at a special meeting of council June 4, 2021. The low compliant bids received for each vehicle were:

Vehicle Bidder Price (including non-refundable HST)
Rescue Command Vehicle Helie Fire Trucks $310,323.20
Commercial Side Control Pumper Carl Thibault Emergency Vehicles $454,033.82
Commercial Pumper Tanker Carl Thibault Emergency Vehicles $486,641.13
  Total $1,250,998.14

“We continue to be grateful to neighbouring fire departments, who since the night of the fire have proven their commitment to community service and neighbourly cooperation,” commended Mayor Murray Scott.

In the evening hours of April 23, 2020 a fire broke out at the Shinimicas Volunteer Fire Department. Twelve Fire Departments were involved in the response, and had the fire under control shortly after 1 a.m., April 24, 2020.