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Springhill children have ‘foamy fun’ thanks to SchoolsPlus

Springhill’s Lions Park was filled with foamy goodness earlier this week as Schools Plus joined with Nova Foam Parties to host a fun event for area children.

The Great Village-based company used a machine to fill a section of the park with a mountain of cool, clean and allergy-free foam. And the kids loved it, flocking to the mountainous foam to cool off and enjoy a hot, summer morning.

 “The kids had a great time,” Katie O’Neill of Schools Plus said as children frolicked in the foam and squirted each other with water while squealing with delight. “We wanted to do something that all children could come to and have some summer fun. This gave the kids a chance to come together, cool off and enjoy the summer.”

A similar event was held at Dickey Park in Amherst on July 26 while a third and final foam party is planned for Advocate Harbour on Aug. 24 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Log Cabin.

SchoolsPlus is a comprehensive and collaborative interagency approach to educating and providing service to the whole child and family, with school as the centre of service. The focus of Cumberland SchoolsPlus is to support referred students and families by helping them attain timely and effective services that meet their identified needs.

Additionally, Cumberland SchoolsPlus provides a variety of different programs and activities to students and families within the 17 schools it serves.

O’Neill said the foam parties are an example of the work the organization does in the community. She said they are also a smashing success with the Amherst party attracting more than 200 and Springhill’s coming close to a hundred.

“We didn’t know what to expect, but we’re hearing lots of great things and lots of shares and likes on Facebook,” she said. “We’re so excited for what’s happening here and we’re really looking forward to Advocate Harbour.”

O’Neill said SchoolsPlus and its partners want to bring events such as the foam party to rural communities, where children often don’t get the opportunity to participate in similar activities.

“It’s about building positive experiences and getting to socialize and have a good time,” she said.

Rene Ross, who is the executive director of the Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland, was there were with her summer students. She remembers growing up in Springhill when there were few opportunities for summer fun.

Ross said when she was a child it was a big trip to go to McDonald’s in Amherst and there were many young children who never left the community during the summer. What’s SchoolsPlus has done is to make sure children don’t miss out on all the fun.

“As a former Tot-Lot’er I think this is great,” Ross said. “Thanks so much to SchoolsPlus for organizing this. Events like this are what we need in our communities and they’re completely accessible and free of charge.”