Pugwash Central Water Supply Update

Residents are now able to connect their homes and businesses to the Pugwash Central Water Supply.

Disconnection of a current water source cannot be completed until the following is complete:

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Grants to Organizations in 2017/18

The Municipality of Cumberland provided grants to the following organizations from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018:

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July 2018 Newsletter

Be sure to check out our monthly newsletter which includes information about upcoming events in Cumberland County, municipal programs and services, grant opportunities, and much more! 

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Municipal Surplus Properties

Are you a Volunteer or registered Not for Profit Organization? 

If so, we want to make you aware that Municipal Council has approved a number of County owned properties surplus to our needs and as per our Divestiture of Surplus Properties Policy, we are first offering these properties, at no cost, to registered volunteer, not for profit organizations.  

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Symposium for Maritime Amateur Radio Techs

“To provide insight into the technical and procedural aspects of amateur radio operation.”

S.M.A.R.T. 2018 is now in the history books.

On Friday Apr.28th at 6pm organizers and volunteers arrived at the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Center in Springhill NS to transform the Center into a ham radio venue for one hundred and forty two hams.

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2018/2019 Budget

Council has approved the Municipality’s 2018/2019 Operations budget in the amount of $29.47 million and its 2018/2019 Capital budget in the amount of $9.99 million. Council’s approved 5 Year Capital Investment Plan totals approximately $14.8 million.

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Staff Wear Jerseys to Support Humboldt


On April 12, 2018, staff at the Municipality wore sports jerseys (or sported yellow and green) in support of Humboldt Broncos.

Tax Reduction and Exemption Policy

The Municipality of Cumberland is now accepting applications for tax reduction or exemption from organizations that pay property taxes and meet the following criteria:

  • property of a named registered Canadian charitable organization, and that is used directly and solely for a charitable purpose; or
  • property of a non-profit community, charitable, fraternal, educational, recreational, religious, cultural or sporting organization if, in the opinion of Council, the organization provides a service that might otherwise be a responsibility of Council.

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