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Cumberland is home to some of the best soil in the world with 30% of all Class II soils in the province. Growing demand for organically grown produce means many locally grown crops are being developed into successful food products. Rich in natural resources, there is a thriving commercial fishing industry based in the villages and communities along our shores, two operating salt mines, 8,900 hectares of wild blueberry harvesting and a collection of mixed-use farms scattered across the region.

JostVineyardFarm production activities range from fruit and tree nut farming to animal production. This agricultural diversity and innovation is important to economic development in Cumberland County. In 2021, Cumberland County farms reported a total of approximately $80.3 million in operating revenue which accounted for 11.1% of all farm revenue reported in Nova Scotia. It is clear that agriculture remains a vital industry to the economy in Cumberland and will continue to play a role in the future of Nova Scotia’s economy.

A full 70% of Nova Scotia’s maple syrup comes from Cumberland County, where conditions are ideal for sap collection and syrup production. In addition, there are award-winning vineyards in operation in Cumberland growing grapes for wine production and a range of activity can also be found in livestock farming such as hog, sheep, poultry and egg, and beef.

To support local food production there is an active and growing network of farmer’s markets as well as direct to consumer business models being utilized by the farming community.

There is also exciting opportunity in the Springhill Geothermal Industrial Park for potential greenhouse and food production.


Cumberland Success Stories

Dickies 1 1067x800Dickie Meats | Established in 1992, Dickie Meats has grown into a bustling abbatoir, butcher and wholesale business. Dickie’s sources it’s meats from local beef farmers, so your dollars stay in Cumberland. Customers are welcome to visit the shop and purchase over the counter cuts made to order, exactly how you like them. If you have beef, pork or lamb needing processing Dickies can slaughter, cut, wrap and get it all freezer ready for you. Local businesses can take advantage of Dickie’s competitive wholesale prices while knowing that they are investing in their local economy and delivering freshness to their clients.



ChaseChase's Lobster Limited | Chase's Lobster Limited, Atlantic lobster delivered worldwide since 1984. Three generations of the Chase family have operated the business for over 30 years, selling and shipping quality lobster locally and around the world.





MapleMaple Producers of Cumberland | Did you know that Cumberland County is home to 70% of the Province's maple sugar taps? We are fortunate to have many maple camps across the region. Each sugar shack has their own unique features from walking trails, to pancake restaurants, and water wheels. Cumberland is also home to dealers of maple equipment and supplies to support the industry. Watch the video to learn more about Cumberland maple producers,