Council represents the views of citizens, while mediating between conflicting interests in the community, making choices between tax rates and levels of services, and determining priorities for the allocation of resources. All decisions of council in the exercise of its powers and duties are made by resolution, Policies & By-laws. The powers and duties of the Municipality (its jurisdiction and mandate) are specifically assigned in the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act and relate to such things as sewage collection and treatment, solid waste collection, recovery and disposal, fire protection service, policing, land use planning, emergency measures,recreation, street lighting, building inspection, canine control, economic and community development, and bylaw enforcement. Council also acts as an advocate on other public issues of community interest that may not be within their formal mandate.

Councillors are also considered Commissionars of Oath. Under the Municipal Government Act, Councillors, while in office, may administer oaths and take and receive legal affidavits, declarations, and affirmations within Nova Scotia, to be used within Nova Scotia. 

Cumberland County Council

Pictured back row from left to right: Councillor Don Fletcher, Councillor Maryanne Jackson, Councillor Michael McLellan, Councillor Barbara Palmer, Councillor Dan Rector, Councillor Norman Rafuse, Deputy Warden Ernest Gilbert and CAO Rennie Bugley. Pictured front row from left to right: Councillor Lynne Welton, Councillor Marlon Chase, Warden Allison Gillis, Councillor Joe van Vulpen, Councillor Paul Porter, and Councillor Doug Williams.

Council Meetings

Meeting dates and times are posted on our council meetings calendar.
Details of previous meetings can be viewed here: council minutes.

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Department of Municipal Affairs
Information that is of interest to municipal employees, elected officials, residents, students and others who seek a greater understanding of municipal government in Nova Scotia.

Paul Porter - District 1

Paul Porter - district 1Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 660-5475 (h)
(902) 694-7742 (c)
(902) 667-4333 (w)
Address: 279 D'Orsay Road, Amherst, NS, B4H 3Y2
Send an email to Paul Porter

District 1 Communities

1-1: Fort Lawrence, West Amherst
1-2: Amherst Point, East Amherst, Upper Nappan (part), Brookdale (part)

Marlon Chase - District 2

Marlon Chase - district 2Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 664-6347 
Address: 92 Boomer Loop, West Amherst, NS, B4H 3Y4
Send an email to Marlon Chase

District 2 Communities

2-1: Chignecto, Maccan (part), Nappan (part)
2-2: Fenwick, Upper Nappan (part)
2-3: Brookdale (part), Hastings, Salem, Stanley

Joe van Vulpen - District 3

Joe van Vulpen - District 3Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 667-5333 (h)
(902) 664-2933 (c)
Address: 1230 Highway 6, Warren, NS, B4H 3Y2 
Send an email to Joe van Vulpen

District 3 Communities

3-1: Amherst Shore, Chapman Settlement, Shinimicas, Lower Shinimicas, Northport
3-2: Lorneville, Tidnish Bridge, Tidnish Cross Roads
3-3: Amherst Head, Truemanville, Tyndal Road, Warren

Warden Allison Gillis - District 4

Al Gillis - District 4Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 243-3313
Address:30 Water Street, P.O. Box 301, Pugwash, NS, B0K 1L0
Send an email to Al Gillis

District 4 Communities

4-1: Gulf Shore (part), Miller Road, North Wallace Bay, Pugwash, South Pugwash, Wallace Bay (part)
4-2: Conns Mills, Hartford, Port Philip, Pugwash Junction, Pugwash River, Rockley, West Pugwash

Lynne Welton - District 5

Lynne Welton - District 5Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 902-257-1137 (h)
(902) 664-8702 (c)
Address: 13153 HWY 6, Wallace, NS, B0K 1Y0
Send an email to Lynne Welton

District 5 Communities

5-1: Malagash Station, Wallace Ridge, North Shore, Upper Malagash, Malagash Centre, Malagash Mine, Malagash Point
5-2: Fox Harbour, North Wallace, Wallace Bridge, Wallace River West, Kerrs Mills, Middleboro, Wallace Highlands, Wallace Grant, Richmond, Wallace Station, Wallace, East Wallace, Fountain Road, Wallace Bay (part), Gulf Shore (part)

Barbara Palmer - District 6

Barbara Palmer - District 6Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 548-2795 (h)
(902) 897-8372 (c)
Address: 12776 Highway 4, Wentworth, NS, B0M 1Z0
Send an email to Barbara Palmer

District 6 Communities

6-1: River Philip, Millvale, Collingwood Corner, Wyvern, Poison Lake, Farmington, Williamsdale
6-2: Thomson Station, Jersey, Atkinson, Greenville Station, Lower Greenville, Rose, Westchester, Stevens Mountain, Westchester Mountain, Cross Road Mountain, Higgins Mountain, Sutherland Lake
6-3: Victoria, South Victoria, Streets Ridge, West Wentworth, Lower Wentworth, Wentworth Centre, Wentworth, Hart Lake, Mattatall Lake, Hartford, Angevine Lake

Daniel Rector - District 7

Daniel Rector - District 7Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 447-3120 (h)
(902) 447-2887 (w)
Address: 22 CN Drive, Oxford Junction, N.S., B0M 1R0
Send an email to Daniel Rector

District 7 Communities

7-1: Linden, Port Howe, Lake Killarney, Beckwith, Riverview
7-2: Mount Pleasant, Kolbec, Little River, Black River Road, Glenville, Oxford Junction, Birchwood, Hansford, Roslin
7-3: West Leicester, East Leicester, Mansfield
7-4: Salt Springs, Claremont

Deputy Warden Ernest Gilbert - District 8

Ernest GilbertTerm: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 545-2368 (h)
Address: 215 Littleforks Road, Southampton, NS, B0M 1W0
Send an email to Ernie Gilbert

District 8 Communities

8-1: Valley Road, Windham Hill, Rodney, Leamington, Springhill (part)
8-2: Little Forks, Springhill Junction
8-3: Athol, South Athol, Athol Road, Southampton, East Southampton, Mapleton, East Mapleton, South Brook, Gilbert Mountain, West Brook, New Cannan
8-4: Pettigrew Settlement, Harrison Settlement, Halfway River, Lakelands, Franklin Manor 22

Michael McLellan - District 9

Michael McLellan - District 9Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 251-2202 (h)
(902) 251-2252 (w/f)
(902) 694-8222 (c)
Address: 314 Hardscrabble Road, Joggins, N.S., B0L 1A0
Send an email to Michael McLellan

District 9 Communities

9-1: Lower Maccan, Maccan Woods, Maccan (part)
9-2: Minudie, Barronsfield, Lower River Hebert, River Hebert East (Strathcona), River Hebert
9-3: Lower Cove, Joggins, Ragged Reef, Shulie, Chignecto Game Sanctuary

Councillor Donald Fletcher - District 10

Donald Fletcher - District 10Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 392-2727 (h)
Address: 1338 Route 209 (New Salem), Parrsboro, N.S., B0M 1S0
Send an email to Donald Fletcher

District 10 Communities

10-1: Spicers Cove, Apple River, New Salem, Sand River, Red River, North Greville
10-2: Eatonville, Isle Haute, West Advocate, Advocate Harbour, Cape Chignecto Provincial Park
10-3: Allen Hill, Fraserville, East Fraserville, Allenville, Spencers Island
10-4: Brookville, Port Greville, Wards Brook, Fox River
10-5: Diligent River
10-6: Kirkhill, Wharton, West Bay, Cross Roads, New Prospect, Greenhill, Two Islands, Moose River, Lower Five Islands

Doug Williams - District 11

Doug Williams - District 10Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 694-8854 (c)
Primary Contact: (902) 597-8854 (h)
Address: 58 Queen Street, P.O. Box 937, Springhill, NS, B0M 1X0
send an email to Doug Williams

District 11 & 12 Communities

11-1: Springhill (part), Athol Road (part)

12-1: Springhill (part)

Maryanne Jackson - District 12

Maryanne Jackson - District 10Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 763-2294 (h)
Address: 140 Main Street, P.O. Box 2858, Springhill, NS, B0M 1X0
send an email to Maryanne Jackson

District 11 & 12 Communities

11-1: Springhill (part), Athol Road (part)

12-1: Springhill (part)

Norman Rafuse - District 13

Norman Rafuse - District 10Term: OCT 2016 TO OCT 2020
Phone: (902) 254-3366 (h)
(902) 254-4266 (c)
(902) 254-3436 (w)
Address: 370 Pier Road, P.O. Box 17, Parrsboro, NS, B0M 1S0
send an email to Norman Rafuse

District 13 Communities

13: Parrsboro