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Shinimicas Fire Department Building

pdf T MCC 2103 (4.35 MB)


Manufacture and delivery of a Rescue Command vehicle, a Commercial Side Control Pumper and a Commercial Pumper Tanker **Addendum #2 posted**

pdf T MCC 2102 (1.16 MB)

pdf T MCC 2102 Addendum #1 (196 KB)

pdf T MCC 2102 Addendum #2 (152 KB)


Agenda and Meeting Management System **Addendum #1 posted**

pdf RFP MCC 2102 (215 KB)

pdf RFP MCC 2102 Addendum 1 (194 KB)



Salary Review

pdf RFP MCC 2103 (255 KB)


Building Demolition *Addendum #2 added*

pdf T MCC 2101 (7.34 MB)

pdf T MCC 2101 Addendum #1 (191 KB)

  pdf T MCC 2101 Addendum #2 (193 KB)