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TAX SALE Tender #TS2021-1

Notice is hereby given that the lands and premises situated in the Municipality of the County of Cumberland shall be SOLD BY TENDER, unless, before the date of the tax sale, the full outstanding balances on the account are paid in full. 


Terms of the sale:  Tenders must be sealed and designated “TENDER #TS2021-1 – TAX SALE BY TENDER” using the Municipality of Cumberland’s Bid form in a plain envelope and addressed to the Director of Finance, 1395 Blair Lake Road, Upper Nappan NS B4H 3Y4.  Tenders may be sent by mail or can be dropped off at the above address Monday through Friday during regular hours. 

It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure tenders submitted via mail are received by 12 p.m.(noon) Tuesday March 16, 2021.

  • All tenders will be date and time stamped when received. In the event two tenders are received for the same amount, the one that was received first will be deemed the higher bid.
  • The successful bidders will be given three (3) business days after awarding of Tender to pay the amount in full or the Tender will be awarded to the next highest bidder (s)
  • One tender form per assessment account number must be submitted.
  • Successful purchaser will be charged an administrative fee of $400 to cover the costs of preparing and recording the tax deed. Properties may be subject to HST charges.  Both of these charges will be collected from the successful bidder on top of the final bid price.
  • In accordance with Section 148 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) payment shall be by cash, certified cheque, money order, bank draft or lawyer’s trust cheque and not otherwise. 


TENDER FORMS AND SPECIFICATIONS: may be obtained from the Upper Nappan Service Center at 1395 Blair Lake Road, Upper Nappan, B4H 3Y4 or using the links below:


For a list of properties click here